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The Fine Details of Your Personal Branding

Updated: Jul 10

Ale Marroquin

Ale, what is personal branding for and why should I pay attention to it?

It is a typical question that skeptical people ask me about its effectiveness. It's not that they don't believe in the subject; they simply have a confused idea about what it means.

Some think that personal branding is only about social networks and sharing your personal life to generate followers and likes. Others believe that because they have been successful, they don't need to work on their brand. However, what gets you somewhere isn't always what keeps you there. If you are not positioned, both digitally and in person, you become a commodity, difficult to differentiate at crucial moments in life cycles.

This does not detract from the value you have as a person; it simply makes it more difficult to stand out from so much offer and information. Some people tell me: "Why highlight my brand if many are already doing it? Competing with them is going to be very difficult." This is a serious mistake. Competing with others is a race you will never win, especially if you are not on a level playing field. Competing with someone who has already traveled a path can quickly demotivate you. Instead, if you compete with your best version from yesterday, work to add value to your community and your audience, and you do it with passion, you will see how you position yourself as a specialist in your area.

You are your own brand

Difference between Personal Brand and Marketing Strategy

The confusion between personal brand and marketing strategy is common. Your brand strategy should be based on having your attributes, talents, skills, and experience clearly defined. Once this is defined, analyze what actions exemplify these values, from your behavior to your way of communicating. All of this conveys trust and respect, making it easier for others to feel comfortable connecting with you.

Consistency and Patience

People who start working on their personal brand often want immediate results, as if it were a makeover. However, building a personal brand is an ongoing process. Results come with determination, dedication, and commitment. It is a gradual process, and suddenly, you will begin to see the fruits of your effort.

Many get frustrated by the lack of comments or likes on their posts and think that if they don't go viral, they don't work. The reality is that people are constantly watching, but they need time to make decisions. A comment of yours may click at some point, and if you have been consistent and dedicated, you will generate trust.

The Value of Persistence

The culture of immediacy causes many people to give up because they do not see quick results. This leaves the way clear for those who do not give up, those who are persistent and constantly offer value. It is these individuals who stand out and become memorable.

Personal branding is effective and is here to stay. It works very well for those who build, work, and nurture it.

Statistical data

According to a CareerBuilder study, 70% of employers use social media to evaluate candidates during the hiring process, and 57% are less likely to call someone for an interview if they can't find information about them online. This demonstrates the importance of having a strong and well-defined personal brand.

There are many more reasons why working on your personal brand is important. If you're not sure where to start, seeking help from a coach is a great first step.


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