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I am excited to work with professionals, and spread my passion for leading a path of transformation through their executive presence, to enhance their leadership, communication and influence on others.

If you are wondering what types of services I offer, I will tell you below.

I would definitely recommend this program. Many times we intend to change, to adjust, to achieve, but we do not always have the answers, having a guide that allows you to uncover your potential and help you reach the next level is, on many occasions, the difference between trying and achieving, for me Ale has helped me to achieve, to achieve communication, organization of ideas, to be a better leader for my reporting team and for my colleagues in any other area.
What this program left me with the most was a different mindset, it helped me discover my curious "I", in addition to having the communication tool that I think is what I needed most. It has helped me a lot to focus on my goals and not get distracted by peripheral drama, I do the exercises he taught me and apply some with my team to help them reach their potential like I am doing.
Mary Gonzalez
Regional Fullfilm Master 121 Amsterdam.
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