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Mastermind sessions gather individuals from various industries or companies who aim to reinvent themselves, connect with a community, and exchange challenges and solutions.


In this forum, you can discover a supportive community where masterminds exchange great ideas, influencing your journey of transformation. Current challenges are reexamined with the support of objective perspectives from other participants. Engage with leaders of excellence from various industries who have found solutions that can be adopted for your current challenges.

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Entrepreneurs and leaders in their area or industry who have advanced professional paths and want to exchange ideas, challenges, solutions, and create a different community.

This is the time to learn and support each other. Now more than ever, successful leaders will draw on a broader range of resources and find solutions to new problems in new places. It is a space where the group can exchange ideas with other masterminds to obtain solutions from different industries.

Minimum 5 maximum 10 people per session.

A topic is defined per session and the option is given to occupy the “Hot Seat” where the spotlight is for the volunteer who wants to present their challenge in detail and receive greater feedback from this community.

Depending on the topics, material can be shared in PDF.

It meets twice a month for two hours. The sessions are audio recorded in case you want to have future references or are unable to attend.

The sessions are virtual (in the future this may change and meet in person).

"Participating in the Mastermind with Ale Marroquín was an excellent dynamic for me to meet people, to understand the challenges that more people are going through and to reflect on what is happening beyond my industry. It is wonderful to be able to contribute and receive opinions that inspire us to face this challenges and meet them. Especially as Ale Marroquín leads it, which encourages people to propose ideas and solutions. It is a dynamic that I would highly recommend. The great benefit I have had is that listening to other people inspires me to have more options and. clarity of how to face my challenges, it is a community that is very useful to me."
Juan Carlos Asturiano
VP Teleurban Group

We are looking for committed, innovative leaders who are interested in creating community, sharing challenges and solutions, and offering support. Schedule an interview to find out if this forum is right for you.

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