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Boost your professional development

Understand the importance of your Executive Presence in making things happen and get the tools necessary to achieve success.

What will you learn?

  • Stop going on automatic.

  • Be aware of the present and what we can achieve to influence.

  • Return to the center and balance between Doing and Being.

  • Naturally influence others to create collaboration and authentic engagement.

  • Elevate people's leadership to contribute to a more committed community.

  • Overcome false beliefs that leadership is born or made.

Always available access

1 hour 17 minutes of knowledge

Diploma upon completion

What are the themes?

  • Module 1: Executive Presence

  • Module 2: Visual Impact

  • Module 3: Non-verbal language

  • Module 4: Tone of voice

  • Module 5: Active listening

  • Module 6: Communication

  • Module 7: Emotional Intelligence

  • Module 8: Leadership and Executive Presence

  • Module 9: Presenting with audiences


The art of being memorable

There is no good or bad image; it is, more than anything, about what you want to project. Create your own identity, distinguish yourself by the values that make you unique, and shine to compel others to choose you in a crowd of people who may seem similar to you. Reinvent your personal message and transform yourself to find innovative solutions that lead to personal success.

What will you learn?

  • Define and create your own identity.

  • Stand out in your industry to make yourself memorable.

  • Greater visibility to attract opportunities, clients, promotions, positions.

  • You will understand the limiting beliefs around having a consistent personal brand and how to overcome the challenges around this.

  • Practical examples and experiences will give you greater sensitivity to why it is important to build and strengthen your personal brand.

Always available content

1 hour 17 minutes of knowledge

Diploma upon completion

What are the themes?

  • Module 1: What is personal branding

  • Module 2: Personal Branding Elements

  • Module 3: Reinvention

  • Module 4: Consistency

  • Module 5: Visual Impact

  • Module 6: Brand Values

  • Module 7: Goals

  • Module 8: Managing your Brand

  • Module 9: Personal Responsibility

  • Module 10: What is Executive Presence?

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